Marathon Stara Zagora 2024


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Event information

Time and place:
31.03.2024 Stara Zagora

  • 42.195 km – red number
  • 21 km – blue number
  • 10.550 km – green number

Participant without a completed registration form won't be allowed to the race. Note. A registration without paid tax won't be valid.

Credit card payments, are not recoverable.

In any cases your personal data provided upon registration and payment will not be provided to third parties.

Services including in the participation fee

Competitors in the distance 10.5 km, 21 km and 42.195 km receive: bib with electronic chip for time measurement of distance ran, medical services if needed, place for storing clothes, complimentary gift, refreshing stations along the route and at the finish. All finishers 10.550 km, 21 km and 42.195 km. will receive medals.


The start of the Stara Zagora marathon, the half marathon and 10.5 km race will start in front of Stara Zagora Municipality. The route continues along the bul. Nikola Petkov. Near the “Metro” store the participants will make a U-turn and on the same route are directed to the Municipality. The distance of one lap is 10.5 km.

Time limit

Time limit for 42.195 km is 5:30 hours

Race day information

Technical Information Center will be built on "Tsar Simeon Veliki" Blvd. 107 (in front of the Municipality) .
Work taim:
30.03.2024 – 10:00 - 18:00 h
31.03.2024 – 08:30 h


All participants in the distances 10.5 km , 21 km and 42.195 will be fitted with electronic chips-bib. The bib must be placed on the chest, be visible without being folded or obscured by coats. Failure to comply with these rules may result in disqualification of the participant.

Point storage of personal baggage of participants

Only bags or backpacks with a sticker from the organizers upon receipt of the start numbers will be accepted. The organizers are not responsible for expensive items. The organizers will not be helt liable for any expensive items including jewelry.

Refreshment stations

Refreshment stations with drinks, fresh and dried fruits are provided every 5 km and after the Finish line.

Right to participate

In Stara Zagora Marathon all distances are allowed participants from home and abroad , as for 42.195 km right to participate have only those who have turn 18 years until the day of the competition.

Final instructions

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to modify at any time, some of the above mentioned regulations if necessary and appropriate.

Any change in terms of service , location and schedules, information will be presented in this web site Stara Zagora Marathon


CLASSIC 42,195km

see the route

Half Marathon 21km

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distance 10.5km

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